Stockholm 2019 | Part 3 | Artipelag / Vasa Museum

On day three of my trip to Stockholm, i decided to take the bus shuttle to the art gallery Artipelag - which can be found on a beautiful natural shore of the swedish archipelago near Gustavsberg. You can take a really nice walk all around the area on a wooden runway close to the water, featuring several sculptures because that's the idea behind it, nature and art going hand in hand. On my last day, the weather changed to being really cold and rainy, so i visited the Vasa Museum, which is all about a historic Ship that sank in 1628 and got found in the 1960s - it is still being restored and you can view every detail of it on 7 floors, quite impressive. And that was it, 4 exciting days in Stockholm - a city to remember and come back to, that's for sure.


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